Feasting on Pizza Toppings the Low Carb Way


---Biltong, Butter and Bacon---Low Carbing in South Africa

pizzaThe hardest part of any diet is incorporating it into your social life. Especially when it involves an outing to the pizzeria. Last night I inspected the menu with my well-trained low carb eye and decided on a steak with salad. But then… the smell of delicious, mouth watering grilled mozzarella filled my nostrils. I couldn’t face watching my friends feast on on melted cheesy goodness right next to me! But cheese is low carb, right? And so are most of the other pizza toppings!

Yes, my fellow low carbers, I ordered a pizza, picked up my fork and proceeded to scoop off the toppings… and it was delicious. I left the sad-looking, gluten and carb-filled base right there and left the restaurant feeling satiated and satisfied. Yes, people looked at me funny and I might have tried to shamefully hide my naked pizza base by cutting it up and…

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