Pancake Sunday or Everyday should be pancake day



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Pancake Sunday should be made into a public holiday.  Well I would like to say this is a lovely Sunday tradition I follow all the time, but alas I shall tell the truth.  Its the end of the month and its broke ass Sunday, this was the cheapest tastiest and most delightful way of forgetting that I don’t have money.


This is not the American pancake, this is a traditional South African pancake or pannekoek (the real name, Dutch).  Its slightly thicker than a crepe and can be enjoyed with any filling you desire.






  • 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup dairy free milk
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 egg re-placer
  • margarine for pan


Mix all the ingredients except the margarine in a bowl until you have a lump free batter.

To make dud free pancakes you have…

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Koejawelliefde, saffraan koejawel compote en ‘n neutekombersie



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Vandat ek ‘n rukkie gelede ‘n flessie ingelegde saffraankoejawels by Vickie de Beer, kosredakteur van Rooi Rose, geskenk gekry het, kry ek koejawels nie uit my kop uit nie. Die saffraan lig die ou geliefde smaak uit Ma se Spens tot in ‘n eksotiese dimensie. Dis nou my gunsteling manier om koejawels in te lê.

Vickie de Beer van Rooi Rose se saffraankoejawels.

Vickie de Beer van Rooi Rose se saffraankoejawels.

VIckie se Saffraankoejawels

Genoeg vir 2 middelslagbottels 16 koejawels, geskil 1 liter (4 k) water 500 ml (2 k) suiker 6 heel naeltjies 1 kaneelstok ’n knypie saffraan 1 Kook die koejawels in 500 ml (2 k) water tot sag maar nie pap nie. 2 Dreineer en hou eenkant. Gooi die oorblywende 500 ml (2 k) water, suiker, naeltjies, kaneel en saffraan in ’n kastrol. 3 Roer tot die suiker opgelos is. 4 Kook die stroop vir sowat 20 min. tot effens verdik. 5 Skep die koejawels in 2…

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Feasting on Pizza Toppings the Low Carb Way



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pizzaThe hardest part of any diet is incorporating it into your social life. Especially when it involves an outing to the pizzeria. Last night I inspected the menu with my well-trained low carb eye and decided on a steak with salad. But then… the smell of delicious, mouth watering grilled mozzarella filled my nostrils. I couldn’t face watching my friends feast on on melted cheesy goodness right next to me! But cheese is low carb, right? And so are most of the other pizza toppings!

Yes, my fellow low carbers, I ordered a pizza, picked up my fork and proceeded to scoop off the toppings… and it was delicious. I left the sad-looking, gluten and carb-filled base right there and left the restaurant feeling satiated and satisfied. Yes, people looked at me funny and I might have tried to shamefully hide my naked pizza base by cutting it up and…

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A Messy, Love and Hate Relationship


Chocolate lover!
Thanks for it!

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I have been taking the longest time to get this post up.  Somehow I couldn’t find time to edit the pictures, no idea how to start writing and what to write. In fact, I took a while to get back to my usual routine after a topsy turvy month of work with crazy schedule and a good 8 days away. All I want those days are plenty of rest but all is well worth, it’s really a very fruitful trip made, working with colleagues from other countries and observing their culture. Unfortunately my Xmas bake sale was also totally disrupted, I had to put aside all the pretty baking cups, quinns etc that I bought for the festive season.

I have always wanted to attend chocolate making lessons, proper ones with tempering chocolate and not using compound melted chocolates and pour them into a mould. When I saw Chef Judy…

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Milo Agar Agar



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What could be better than having my comfort dessert after a week long of hectic work?

This is the second time I attempted this recipe and I conveniently forgot that it yields a harder texture, shld hv reduce the amount of agar agar. Morever I read that Rose Brand Agar Agar gives harder texture than the other brand.

Finally I get to use the loaf tin I bought some time back. I saw the same design twice in a day so I tell myself that I must buy it!

Chocolate Layer:
7gm agar agar powder
1 3/4 cups Water
1/3 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Milo

Milk Layer:
8gm agar agar powder
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup Evaporated Milk

To prepare chocolate layer:
Cook agar agar in water till dissolved
Add sugar and MILO, stir well to dissolve sugar; strain.
Spoon mixture into a 20x20cm square pan…

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Jangan Sebut Anda Pencinta Kopi Sebelum Membaca Artikel Ini!


Good to know!

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secangkir kopi dan pisang gorengApakah anda pernah menikmati secangkir kopi dipagi hari dengan ditemani oleh sepiring pisang goreng hangat? 

Ketika digigit masih renyah krauk…krauk… 

Hmm… Pasti nikmat ya..!! ( ´▽`)

Tapi kali ini saya tidak ingin berbagi artikel tentang cemilan tapi saya ingin berbagi informasi tentang kopi.

Pasti tidak asing lagi kan tentang minuman yang satu ini.

Dengan segala jenis keistimewaan yang ditawarkan oleh produsen kopi sachet tersebut, ada baiknya anda juga mencoba mengetahui fakta sebenarnya tentang kopi. Jadi bila anda memang pencinta kopi, silakan baca ulasan di bawah ini.

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Kambing Guling


Kamling Kambing Guling! :)

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Sate Babi Rica


Mantab!! terima kasih! reblog dari

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Bahan :
1kg daging babi
5 cm laos ( parut )
5 cm jahe ( parut )
2 bh sereh
3 lembar daun jeruk
4 bh jeruk limau
garam / kecap asin
1 sdm air asem jawa

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Rendang Kambing



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Udah kursus, kudu dipraktekin…

Sponge cakenya pake lady finger bikinan sendiri, but kok gak mirip lady finger, tapi lebih ke dinosaurus finger, woahahhaa… Abisnya males mletet satu2, mending langsung diratain di loyang kayak demo pas kurus kemaren itu (chef wannabe ikut2an chef beneran :D ).

Kalo krim tiramisunya pake resepnya NCC, tapi whip creamnya aku kurangi dikit, biar keju maskaryo nya terasa, soalnya ini bahan yg paling mahal, patpuluh rebong, huaaa, jebol deh dompet, jeboolll, oh tidaaak…. !

Hmm, setelah dirasa2, daripada di bakery bakery yang terkenal itu, yang ini rasanya 10 kali lebih enak! Nggak terlalu manis, kopinya berasa, krimnya lezat tiada tara, wakakaka…. slllrpppp… -note: ini pendapat pribadi, nggak promosi lho, wong tokonya lagi tutup :D-

Tiramisu dalam Mika - Maki CakesTiramisu dalam Mika - Maki Cakes
Resep dari kursus Cake Internasional Teras Kuliner Aug, 2007

(aku cuma pake 3/4 resep)
10 putih telur
10 kuning telur
250 g tepung terigu segitiga
250 g gula

Kocok putih telur…

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